More Superhuman geek tricks

Ok they actually do answer you if you send mail to split inbox. Here is the trick:

  1. On their desktop applications, you create a “filter” first by doing a search with a / then you do a split inbox. So you can set this anyway you like with a huge number of different criteria including eithers and or’s.
  2. In the iOS application it works in the reverse way, you have to pull up on the split at the bottom and then you create a split from there. But it is much more limited and you can’t combine queries.
  3. They don’t give you much help on search syntax but they have some built in ones like some labels label:category_forums and you can and then by adding terms like

Pretty confusing when you have radically different user interfaces and the flipping for object-verb and verb-object.

Select All and Mark Done and X

One thing they don’t have is a way to Select all and then mark as done. When you get onboard the first time, you get thousands of old messages. Their support with Share Feedback is really fast, so here is the workaround on the desktop application. Basically if you hit X at the top and the scroll with a shift:

  1. Hit X to select the first conversation in a list so the X is the anchor for a selection.
  2. Scroll down
  3. Shift and click the last conversation.
  4. Hit E to mark everything done at once.

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