Quarantine Purchases of Random Stuff:

OK totally miscellaneous things that are breaking around the house:

  1. PanaMax Failure. Our PowerMax line conditioner failed and took down our AVR. So that’s super depressing. They apparently have a lifetime warranty and lifetime downstream warranty, so good luck, maybe if I call their 800 number they might actually fix it at  800.472.5555 so we will see.
  2. Power Conditioner. Panamax MR5400 is an expensive one with a differential turn on. It is about $380 on Amazon. You can also use a battery backup too if you really want it. The thing that is new is this called BlueBolt which lets you manage this as an Internet device.
  3. Charcoal. Well, it turns out the Royal Oak Classic for $10 at Walmart, Lowe’s, or Home Depot is really great to generate 900F for an hour and lasts 80 minutes so better than Kingsford. The cool thing is Fogo All Natural Premium Hardwood Charcoal which is lump charcoal and expensive at $56, but pretty cool. The nicest thing is that are no starch binder or gunk so you don’t get that junk there. Briquets are industrial of course.
  4. Bike Grease. Well, I guess I need that and it’s run out. The main thing to know is that certain grease doesn’t work including White Lightning Crystal Grease which is biodegradeable. And anything that Phil Wood makes is pretty awesome if a little offbeat.

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