Configuring a Logitech BRIO on a Mac with Camera Settings

OK, with the Mac things are super automatic, so I normally just plug a webcam in and it works. I’ve been using the Logitech C920 forever and it just about perfect. But with all this pandemic time, I finally got a Logitech BRIO which is a 4K camera. There are some cool things that it can do.

First is that with Windows, you can use it as a Hello camera recognition device if you jump and down.

The main problem on the Mac is that it defaults to a 90 degree FOV so that means to keep everything together, the camera has to be literally 12 inches from my face in order to keep my portable green screen in view.

But with the Mac there are no configuration settings, but one review I read said that it does have different fields of view programmed inside it. But how do you configure? There are no cameras settings for doing this. Well it turns out that Logitech does have a configuration tool at brew install logitech-camera-settings and it will install the Logitech camera settings.

The trick here is that it is not clear where this sets things there is an application called the Logitech Camera Settings but at least on Big Sur initially it doesn’t appear in Siri, I can’t actually find it anywhere because it doesn’t appear to be in Applications when I took a quick glance, but now there it is.

There is a dedicated streaming application now in beta at Logitech called Capture that does more but I didn’t dare load it.

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