Podcast: 2021-02-16 Podcasts, ISPs, Tesla Model 3, Webscraping, Emojis, and MacBook Airs

Well, continuing the basically weekly podcast on Anchor.fm. You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google, Tunein or Stitcher Podcast as well or search for “Rich Tong” in your Podcast application.

I skipped Sunday because it was Valentine’s day, but hopefully will stay on the every Sunday track. The main thing is that I go through the newest posts and then go through the back catalog of posts (I have 5,000 of them, so this should work for a looong time!). Net, net, here is what is covered and we are current up to January 14, 2021:

  1. Making a Podcast: Noise Gate and Routined. More tips on keeping the room quiet.
  2. Git Bash Completion. I actually skipped this one, it is way too nerdy to write talk about πŸ™‚ but if you care read about Bash completions
  3. Two Internet Providers and Home networking. Making sure your network is fast and should you get another ISP?
  4. Tesla Model 3 Replacement Wipers Blades. Get the Bosch Aerotwin A102s!
  5. Webscraping with Python, Selenium and Beautiful Soup. See this Deepnote Notebook on my trials and tribulations.
  6. Dealing with Emojis in Vim and on the Mac. Using βŒƒ+⌘+Spacebar and :boom: with vim-emoji and <C-X><C-U>:boom:
  7. Cable Modem High Latency. Covered in the ISP thing above
  8. Flaky monitors. When it turns out it is really just hardware
  9. Notes for Windows Users buying a MacBook Air

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