WordPress Tips: Anchor.fm embeds and LinkedIn Publicize

Ok, some quick news for WordPress geeks:

One of the great things with WordPress is the ability to publicize your posts automatically on Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is buried deep in the marketing tab of your website, but the problem is that LinkedIn keeps saying it doesn’t connect. It’s a known bug with WP-Calypso probably related to connection throttling on the LinkedIn side, so no recourse except to manually post there. Argh.

Second is that if you use Anchor.fm, then on WordPress, it’s nice to have an embedded player for your Podcast. Turns out there are all kinds of embeds for doing this, but the way that works for me is to insert a Custom HTML block and then just copy the iFrame from Anchor for the Podcast. I tried to load the advanced iframe plugin and this definitely didn’t work as expected, you can’t edit it properly. It also does not work in the Embed block type in Gutenberg.

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