ARgh: MacOS Big Sur Kernel Panics continue

OK, I bit the bullet and wiped the hard drive and started all over with, but problems continue. I’m getting Kernel Panics when I’m plugged into the CalDigit docking station and a no name dongle. The panics are typically, “Freed zone element element has been modified” which seems like a driver problem. As an aside, […]

Cleaning out tabs: Standing desk, Camera, Magsafe recommendations

I’m probably 20 blog posts behind. The strategy here is that if I learn something new, I just leave it open as a tab in Safari, this works really well, because you can share Safari links on any Apple device, so when I want to find something old that I’ve been working on the discipline […]

Fixing Apple App Store vs Apple Pay Options

Ok, I admit it, I mistakenly thought there was a tie between Apple Pay and payment to the Apple App Store. Turns out these are completely unrelated. I twizzled the Apple Pay payment order to use my normal Visa card, but Apple App Store and Apple Subscriptions kept on going to a different card. Well, […]

Dealing with old 1Password installations

I’ve actually been using 1Password for five years now and some of my machines used the older synchronization system with Dropbox. One of the bugs I’ve encountered is that even if you disable these synchronizers, the password on the Mac version of 1Password stays stuck on the old password in those shared storage systems. Even […]

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