Quick Reviews of Wrist Pads

OK, I got the two new wrist pads and here is how well they work:

  1. JEDIA Wristpad and Mouse Rest. This is nice in that it has a no slip lower surface and it is firm enough, the main problem is that on a mechanical keyboard which is pretty high, it is just not high enough. You really need a ¾ inch high pad and not a ½ inch one that this is. Plus, the textured surface is a bit weird. I ended with a bit of wrist ache as a result.
  2. ProLife Leather White Wrist Pad. OK, the color is nice, but again it is a little too low. Also since is leather, it has a bezel and is a little short. I really like the longer pads which are at least 4″ wide. This thing is 4″, but because of the way it is “puffy” the effective area is more like 2″.
  3. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad. This is highly rated, but “bubbled” like the ProLife, so I’m not sure I like it that much. It says it is 14″ x 4″, but the effect area is less so you have to be right on the pad for it to work. But at 1 inch thick, it is about the right height.
  4. Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad. At the end of the day, the Grifiti which is just a 14 x 4 x ¾” thick piece of foam (the markup must be incredible) works the best for me. I do wish it was a little more sticky at the bottom, but it does mean you can flip it. And it is black, so ugly with a white keyboard (there doesn’t appear to be any white memory foam that I can find. You need 12″ wide for the 60% keyboards and 14″ for the TKL or 87-key keyboards.

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