Wow up to 22 patents

I had a few goals in the last decade, one was to get fluent in Chinese enough to talk with my mom every day (check!), the other was to get back to being technical and part of that was being good enough to come up with intellectual property. Sam just pointed out that a host of patents from our startup -> -> have finally been granted. There seems to be no good name with a name like mine to search for things, so while you can use, this latest one just seems to be up on Justia.

I also collected my dad’s patents too and his papers, amazing what is on the web these days, but from the last few months, so I just took a quick look at Google Patents, a nice look back 5-10 years to see what was really a cool idea becomes commonplace a few years later. Woohoo!

  1. Parking space discovery. Without you can figure out where parking spaces are based on cameras. Who would have thought!
  2. Vehicle operator behavior. Watch how you drive and record it. That actually seems pretty general, but what do I know.

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