Fixing Apple App Store vs Apple Pay Options

Ok, I admit it, I mistakenly thought there was a tie between Apple Pay and payment to the Apple App Store. Turns out these are completely unrelated. I twizzled the Apple Pay payment order to use my normal Visa card, but Apple App Store and Apple Subscriptions kept on going to a different card.

Well, I’m an idiot, turns out there is a completely different UI for setting the order of charge for Apple subscriptions and this lives in the App Store. It’s a little confusing since I don’t think of Apple TV subscriptions as App Store things. So for instance, a Disney+ subscription actually takes its payment methods from the App Store and not the Apple Pay order. Silly me.

Once I figure this out, I went on my Mac to the App Store and clicked on the lower left icon in Big Sur to get to the Apple ID summary and then “Manage Payments” and I discovered that my card had expired and had an invalid number. So they don’t pull this data from Apple Pay at all. Fixed and good to go. You are warned ????

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