Random stuff Apple TV remote pairing

Random stuff Apple TV remote pairing

It used to be that any Apple remote would just work with an Apple TV. But sometime in the distant past, Apple added some like security. So if you for instance lose your remote you have to manually pair it to your Apple TV. So what if you are an idiot and forgot your remote what are your options?

Well the first one is that you can use your iOS device as a remote now. Just pull down to the control center and you can select your TV. This uses the network so you have to make sure your phone and Apple TV are on the same network.

Now once you’ve got a control, you Can set any random TV remote to control the Apple TV. Go to settings > remote and devices > learn remote and you basically hold the IR remote close to the Apple TV and then train it with left, right, up, down amd menu and select. Really handy!

Finally, if you find and old Apple remote you can pair it. The confusing thing is that there are three different remotes now. With the first generation Apple remote. The white one. If you go to Settings > Remotes and Devices you won’t see it at all. The trick is to get to within three inches of the front and then hold the menu and left key down for six seconds and then it will work.

If you have the second generation aluminum remote. Then you hold menu and left button and it will connect and be noted in that screen.

I’ve actually lost my Siri remote So I’ve no idea how that works.

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