When you forget you have an Apple pencil how to use Scribble and get it to charge again

Well, I have used the Apple Pencil with dedicated writing applications like Nebo but it is a pain to copy and paste.

So I fired up the pencil for the first thing is turning Scribble on in the settings menu. What is not obvious is how to get started. What you do is to dismiss the virtual keyboard in an application then place the pencil on a text field and the wait. The documentation says to tap and hold but for me, I interpret that as put the pencil down and wait.

But the real nightmare is figuring out how to correct the stuff you have written. For instance, if you forget a period, then how do you add it? It turns out that just tapping doesn’t work. You need to tap at the end of the line. In fact there is a difference between writing and then things you put at the end of a sentence or phrase. You have to be careful about pencil placement. If you tap too close to me end of asentence it will interpret that as a select last word. So the thing to do is to tap and hold and then the period will appear.

The comma works the same way. .Just sure make you are at the end of the text. The there is how to position the cursor. This is a tap anywhere inter text field. Note that if you tap on space between words then you will the entire select word which is pretty inconvenient.A

As an aside the command to delete is pretty obvious, you just stubble all over the words. The to select either you side which is hard in dense extra draw a line straight through. One nice thing select about is that if you have misspelled a word it will spell for check you and you can easily fix it.

The second question is how to enter a new line. I have not figured that out but the cheap escape is that when you enter scribble made a pallet appears at me bottom and one item is a mini keyboard.

Sally I think the hardest part is editing. it can confused and the word breaks can be wrong. It unintuitive but a vertical line adds a space it none is there and if there is a space it will remove it.

I do find that with selection, the trusty old double tap to get a word and triple tap to get a paragraph work well and sometime it is better to just rewrite a line and to try to correct it.

Finally, at least for me, my Pencil stopped charging, when I put it at the top of the iPad, it just hung with a red icon saying at 0 or 1%. Turns out this is a problem with the bluetooth connectivity, so removing the pencil from Bluetooth and adding it back seemed to fix it.

In the end, typing is definitely faster, but using Scribble in say WordPress or something else for taking notes is less obtrusive so it’s a good alternative. And if you use an application that knows how to make figures like Nebo and automatic line straightening, then you have a real winner.

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