It is not easy to gift someone a video

In the modern world, it is not easy just to send someone a digital gift. As an example, for Lucas who is headed off to New York, we wanted to send the quintessential 1980s movie about geeks living in the city, After Hours, but how do you do that in the modern world.

Well, with Apple at least there a bunch of tricks to gift an movie to someone. One our case, buying the movie costs $5 while a single rental is $3. Wow that seems awfully high, but a quick look at Just Watch shows that’s the only way to get it, so here is how to gift a movie from Apple:

  1. You cannot gift on the Mac, you can only gift movies on iOS devices.
  2. There is no Movie store, I had not realized that there is still an iTunes Store. (Ok, it is a little weird that something named iTunes has movies). But you basically have a Movie tab and you can search for it.
  3. The really unintuitive thing is that there is only a Buy button, to send someone something, you go to the Share menu and there is an item called Gift.

Good luck!

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