Amazon Prime Day the weirdness that is checkout and three items is a charm.

OK, there are some great deals on Amazon today (and a lot of junk). One thing that I need a bunch of are:

  1. Eufy Solo IndoorCam C24s which are $39 but $29 with a coupon which actually captures a 3MP image (which is about 1.5x bigger image). Finally if you are sure you don’t need 2K (it’s just a little higher resolution),
  2. Eufy Solo IndoorCam C22 for $23 (from it’s $39 list) and yes I’m not sure why they have the same list as the C24s, maybe old models that are going out of sale. This doesn’t matter much for Apple HomeKit since it is capped at 1080p now but less future proof.
  3. Eufy Solo IndoorCam P24. These are pan and tilt which is sort of useful for outdoor scenes. It is the same base footprint as the C24s, but the C24s are less obstrusive. These are right now $36 (from $52 regular in a Lightening Deal) and their still variety is just $30 with a coupon.

Here are the strange things and hacks to get a little more:

  1. The digital reward for slower delivery $1 per item which is great particularly great for cheap items like a $8 keyboard cover and If you look, there is really no delivery difference. It seems to stack no matter how many items you have up to about three, so order in chunks of three. This is great for ordering Amazon Kindle books.
  2. The Amazon Prime Deal which is $36 for the $52 item goes away if you stack it with 6% off for Amazon Card purchases (which is a pretty remarkable deal, all but the best credit cards will not match this). So you need to use a regular card.
  3. The Chase $15 off of $30 items disappeared last night at about 1130PT, so I lost that.
  4. And the $10 off for buying from a small business worked but you need to find something that shipped and sold by Amazon. I have not found a reliable way to figure that out, it is supposed to appear when you do a search in the search pane, but that doesn’t always work.

Overall, the deals are pretty incredible. Just make sure you check to make sure the item is good.

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