Argh, WordPress Editing is so annoying and iOS differences are as well

OK, you are seeing a bunch of posts here that were accidentally put on my unused WordPress hosted blog. The problem is that the really great WordPress editor by default goes to their sites only. You can’t set a custom site (probably because they want to promote their own hosted system).

Copy HTML to move a post

So, if I’m not careful, I’m posting to the wrong site. Argh. Then it is hard to migrate posts between sites. You have to go into HTML edit mode and copy and paste the raw text. With the new block editor, there is no way that I can find to select all blocks. You can actually do this fine on the Web client, but not the iOS and iPadOS ones.

Cannot use Markdown in iOS but can in Web

The other annoying thing is that you can’t use Markdown like ## to create a heading with the iOS client, but it works fine in the Web one. With iOS, you have to choose the plus icon at the bottom, and also *bold* does not work either, you need to hit the B. This is sort of annoying in iOS, but really annoying in iPadOS particularly if you are using a magic keyboard.

I get it, two different code bases, so not all things are the same. Also, the number of widgets on IOS clients are really limited compared with the webOS.

On the other hand, the iOS clients do allow offline editing which is nice for planes

Using Pexel instead of Unsplash on Mobile

OK, I started using Unsplash and on the Web client, they have this really convenient add an image where you can direct select Pexel.

On iOS they don’t have any of that, so you have to search for images and then download them. But, the Unsplash client doesn’t let you download lower resolution images but the Pexel ones does, so time to switch to that.

Thank goodness pasting a link still works

OK, WordPress has a non-standard but really useful behavior on both web and mobile clients. If you copy a link in from Safari and then highlight some text and choose ⌘-V then instead of replacing a text, it will insert a link. It’s so nice I forget all the time in other editors 🙂

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