Chinese: BBQ Ribs and Wedding phrases

OK, quick ethnic happiness, I’ve been using a tried and true family recipe for BBQ ribs for a while. It’s not complicated, dump some Coca Cola, soy sauce, vinegar and honey into an aluminum foiled wrapped ribs and slow roast. But I decided to actually read up and am trying the New York Times recipe.

The big changes are to add ketchup in and also to add some ketchup (?!) and also garlic which is a good idea and five spice (I wish I had some).

Then you marinate it for up to two days. The things I’m not sure about are then you basically steam it with some water underneath. I stuck with the foil version as it seems like it would make it really moist.

They recommend 300F for an hour for ribs, but I think it should go much longer and lower, so been doing it at 280F for four hours. We like our ribs fall off the bone

Chinese Wedding Sayings

Well, I’ve got a friend who isn’t Chinese and it always really great at a Chinese wedding (or any wedding to remember a few phrases). Of course there are lots of these but Just Married Films and Char4u has some classics and a good explanation of their meaning. Some of my favorites:

百年琴瑟 bǎi nián qín sè. This roughly translates as be harmonious for 100 years.

花好月圆 huā hǎo yuè yuán. Roughly translates “flow blossoms when the moon becomes full”which means that the relationship should blossom and feel complete.

But my favorite is a short poem from which these two favorites are derived. It’s actually not hard to learn, just 20 syllables


zhù nĭ men
xīang jìng rú bīn
xīn xīn xīang yìn
huā hăo yuè yuán
băi nián hăo hé

Wish that you two
May you respect each other like honored guests.
May you always see heart to heart.
May fragrant flowers bloom and full moon shine over your life together.
May your joy and happiness be forevermore.

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