Losing my wallet for the last time: Airtags

Losing my wallet for the last time: Airtags

OK, particularly with the pandemic, I’ve been just horrible with my wallet. When the iPhone 12 came out, I immediately got the MagSafe Wallet and since there were not many around back then, I got the way overprice Apple one. When you combine it with a clear MagSafe case, it works pretty well particularly because you can’t lose your wallet because it is being tracked with Find My with your phone, but still has these problems:

  • The wallet can definitely come off, it will slide off if you hit it and I’ve definitely lost it
  • When you do take it off, you are no better and I spent three days looking for it before the wallet magically appeared in my pocket of a pair of shorts in the laundry (:-)
  • It is really only good for two cards, so it is perfect for a driver’s license and a credit card, but no cash

I’ve been using minimal wallets before this, which are typically small and enough for 1-4 credit cards and a small set of bills

But now Airtags have arrived for AirTag Minimal Wallets

And, that’s a game changer for me, because now you can put an AirTag onto your wallet. So, there are now companies that are integrating an AirTag into a Wallet. Because the AirTag is pretty big and fat, you can either put it in a big billfold wallet, but I kind of wanted to stay minimal.

Or try a keyring to a wallet

So the other option is to find a Minimalist Wallet (also review by Everyday Carry, Huckberry, the Balance, Ultimate Gear Lists and CNET) that has a loop so you can attach an AirTag to it. It’s a little less convenient but way less expensive. Also ideally in this world, it would be nice to have RFID blocking as well. This actually can solve a bunch of problems if you have a 20th century car and need to carry a keyring, so now you can mate your keys and wallet to a single AirTag.

The problem is that very few minimal wallets have a loop or something that you can hook to it. I ended up ordering the Crabby Gear and the Thread just to try them mainly because the really cool EDC ones look a bit big.

  1. Dango T01 Tactical-EDC. So if you want to be manly and carry something pretty heavy, this is aluminum and includes a multi tool as well. Plus it has a lanyard position that is great to just attach an AirTag.
  2. Thread Wallets Minimalist. OK, this one isn’t elegant, it’s just some nylon stretchy stuff and a keyring. There are two pockets, so your cards are exposed, but it is cheap at $20.
  3. Crabby Gear Minimalist Wallet. This one even has a crab and bright colors on it, so good for the beach with a keyring for just $14
  4. Trayvax Contour. Ok, your cards are completely exposed, but they live in a titanium exoskeleton, so what is not to like about that for $170.

AirTag in the Wallet

The other variant is just to bury the AirTag inside the wallet. These are definitely more rare, but Guiding Tech and News Block has a good review. The main thing is how not to make the bulge look dorky and do yo want to make it easy for a thief to rip the thing off, so I’m trying the Geometric Goods one:

  1. Hawanik Slim Pocket. These are pretty slim and nice, but are not getting great reviews from Amazon users, but at $15, might as well try it. The track just fits on the outside and the rumble is that it keeps falling off.
  2. Geometric Goods Billfold and Minimalist Wallet. This is a Polish company and I haven’t seen lots of reviews, but for $118 or $79, you get an AirTag that is in a concealed area. Looks decently nice. Also, if you order from the Taiwanese version of Etsy, called Pinkoi, you can get it for $74 or so with free shipping.
  3. Frenchie AirTag Ready Speed Wallet. This is $99 and seems better stitched, it looks pretty darn decent.