Belkin Soundform Connect

Ok, I’ve been using a literally 10 year old Apple airport express to connect Apple devices to a stereo. But with airplay 2 out, one of the big features is that you can hang multiple airplay 2 devices together.

So off to buy the way too expensive $99 airplay 2 compatible connector. This thing is kind of a miracle of setup. It’s wifi connected and it is the first RFID capable HomeKit device I’ve used.

But, I completely flunked the connection. I was expecting that it would work like Apple Pay. You just wave the thing around the device but nothing happened. It looks like you need a very specific RFID tag connection.

Specifically there is a random piece of paper that should you need to put the very top of the back of the iPhone up directly against the RFID radio icon on the back of the Belkin.

Anyway I couldn’t figure this out so I just did plan b which is to go to the iPhone and then the Apple home APL and click plus and then add accessory. you can try to scan the eight digit code on the back but it is black on black and I couldn’t. So you hit do not have a setup code.

Then the interesting thing is it will see a bunch of devices like the soundform. And click on it and enter the eight digit.

Beware that the Apple home app is really nonstandard on that screen you can’t not task switch away so you need to jot the number down and type it in.

Anyway then it all just works. And when you play something, you just pull down on the control center (the right ear of the iPhone) and then the globe icon and you can select what to play.

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