Baby Back ribs, Chicken and Steak –

Baby Back ribs, Chicken and Steak –

Wow, trying the latest BBQ gizmo for a Kamada Joe egg barbecue, a Wifi connected, temperature controlled blower and it works incredibly well.

This thing is expensive, but it is basically a pit temperature probe and then three food probes. You connect it all up, then put a plate on it and a 10 Cfm fan.

Then you put the probe into the space between the ribs and then clip the pit probe to it, so it is measuring the temperature close to the ribs.

By setting the pit temperature to 190F and the ribs for 180F, then you are getting the ribs fat to dissolve and it becomes really tender. And you can tell if it done with the "bite test." That is, it shouldn't fall off the bone, but when you take a bite you should be able to "see it".

Similarly, if you slow roast chicken, you can set the temperature for 250F and then get to 170F for the dark meat. You won't get really crispy skin which is too bad, so with both the ribs and the chicken, you can put it into a high temperature oven at broil to get them to sear a bit and the chicken to crisp.

The last surprising thing is that with steaks, they actually need a relative low temperature to cook, so 350F is enough and just a little bit of time and it gets to 127F with an even temperature. Of course, this is one where you probably want to grill at 500F first to get a nice sear and then put it into the BBQ

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