Biking Water Bottle Cages

Biking Water Bottle Cages

Well for a long time I wore a hydration pack and thought that would be more streamlined than two water bottles. Maybe it was true but it was definitely hot and was heavy.

So, I’ve switched to water bottles and a tiny tool bag for a tube, co2 inflator, a key and some money. And then two 24 Oz bottles.

But that means that I need some more bottle cages. So off to do some shopping for some cages. Now we know it’s really weight weenie land but a $9 aluminum cage weighs 2 ounces or about 60 grams. But a fancy carbon one at $33 weights half that so what’s it worth to you to save 60 grams 😉

So if you are going to be a bit crazy and spend the money here are some decent choices from sensible to ridiculous thanks to Bike Monk, We Vélo and Bikeradar:

  1. Elite Vico Carbon Bottle Cage. Made in Italy and the choice of many pros. This weighs 23 grams and is normally $60 (just for the cage!). If you are lucky you can find them for $36 each but still crazy expensive and crazy cool. 🙂
  2. arundel Mandible Water Bottle Cage. Ok completely crazy and probably the best. A whopping $90 each and also 28g. Grips really well apparently. Two are about the cost of a Walmart bicycle.
  3. Enve Water Bottle. If you’ve spent more on your wheel set than most cars, then this 21g carbon cage for $70 each will seem like a bargain 🙂
  4. King Cage Titanium. Ok if you want that classic look and not Carbon black, this is real titanium and 28g as well.
  5. Silca Silcuro Titanium. Another ridiculous classic made in the USA. 28g for $70.
  6. Aluminum Alloy Bicycle Water Bottle Cage. And yes for $14 you can buy two generics that weigh 50g each and for 99.9% of us that’s a fine choice 🙂
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