Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Pumps

You wouldn’t think you should ever have to really shop for these but I’ve had a few over the years.

The Bike Rumors and Bicycling reviews are pretty accurate:

  1. SILCA Pista Plus. This costs a fortune (more than some bikes at $165) but you are buying a piece of history. The design is nearly 60 years old. And it is classic steel and even has a leather plonger is great. Get it if you can afford it 🙂
  2. Lezyne CNC. Ok, I’ve never seen this one but expensive at $99 it just looks so cool made out of solid aluminum. Although some complain the valve doesn’t fit well.
  3. Topeak Joe Blow Sport III Slightly less outrageous than the Silca but at $65 although some say it won’t last 40 years 🙂

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