Climate change: Which vegan milk is best? – BBC News

Climate change: Which vegan milk is best? – BBC News

With sales of vegan foods on the rise, check the environmental impact of plant-based milks. We've been wondering which of the many variants of milk are better

Turns out that diary milk is pretty polluting so buying different milk and eating plant base proteins are the way to go.

Macadamia milk and oat milk are not bad choices. The big problem is that many of those brands are made by mega companies (which have bought out the niche producers).

And almond milk uses and incredible amount of water as does rice. The lesson here is that buying rice and almond milk from California deserts may not be the smartest.

Plus coconut milk is is made form plantations that are destroying the rain forests. The same is true of soy which fueling Amazon deforestation.

So for instance, Danone (makers of D'annonceuse yogurt) is a massive e company that owns White Wave which makes Silk as well as Horizon Organics

The Macadamia milk called Milkadamia company on the other hand from Australia is a family owned business so not a bad choice. And in tasting it, it is actually nicely creamy with a nice mouth feel. It's made in Australia and Hawaii which at least today don't have a water shortage.

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