Bike Aero Helmets

For a long time I’ve mainly been trying to get lighter helmets but the latest trend is going aerodynamic. This really matters at higher speeds. Like over 45 Kph.

The road bike aero helmet have really evolved and best ones are wind tunnel tested now. This is really important for triathlons where aero is key.

There are quite a few helmets but the best one seems to be Specialized S-Works Evade II which is insanely expensive at $275. It has twelve vents and a MIPS helmet and a holder for an ANGI sensor which detects a crash and uses your cell phone to call it. It is 262 grams and has the best wind tunnel performance. They claim it is 50 seconds faster over 40km than a conventional helmet.

The Limar is less expensive but doesn’t have a MIPS system. and the Kask Utopia is another choice. I’ve certainly liked my Kask Protone. A few years ago I bought it because it was light at 230g and handmade in Italy. These new helmets are 260g but more aero.

Getting the Specialized isn’t easy but Competitive Cyclist has a club discount (which I’ve not been able to get as they’ve merged with a bigger retailer and have switched programs). And if you buy from then you get 15% off for the first purchase but I’ve lost this link 🙁

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