How to use your own Makefile in github actions and run them locally for test and debug

Ok a big problem has been there are so many ways to do scripting and cd/CI pipelines.

There are basically three different approaches:

  1. Stuff everything into GitHub actions. With Act you can actually run GitHub action locally. So when you combine this with pre-commit you can have a single method for controlling things. The main issue is that while this is good for CD/CI it isn’t great for daily Devleopment.

  2. The second path is to use make files to create an integrated command set. This is nice in that it lets you run pieces of code easily and with help as well. You can actually integrate this into GitHub actions by adding make commands directly into it. So that you can merge commands for debugging in with the CD/CI change.

  3. Finally there are scripts that are the most common. The main advantage here is that they are quick to write. So it’s great to write scripts as needed but use makefiles to bind it together.

How to use your own Makefile in github actions? – Stack Overflow
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