HomeKit Aqara Security System and ugh First Alert OneLink will not pair


Wow, it is just crazy how non standard and different and difficult HomeKit pairing is.

Some like Wemo won’t pair with their native apps but with work. Others like satechi pair fine but do jot connect reliably to 2.4Ghz. Same with the Wemo.

The Aqara did pair fine with the M1S hub with the native app and then it worked with HomeKit. And for their peripherals like the door sensor you pull the battery plastic tab and hold down the button and it pairs fine.

The hub itself plugs into a power plug and acts as a night light and it is pretty loud too.

Same cannot be said for the first alert OneLink. I could not get it to pair with the native application. When looking online it says that you should actually start with the HomeKit setup and then go to the OneLink application but it keeps failing to park really annoying.

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