If you’ve updated to iOS 15, make sure your AirTag is still in Find My


OK, I bit the bullet today and did the iOS 15 upgrade. It actually went quite well. The new iPad catchup to iOS 14 is nice. Having widgets on the Home Screen is great.

Also getting iCloud+ is nice, if a little buried, you need to go to Settings > User Name > iCloud > Private Relay (Beta) to turn on a sort of VPN for you unencrypted web traffic and also to hide your IP.

And there is also a Settings > User Name > iCloud > Hide My Email to generate throw away email addresses for spammers.

And you go to Home and you can change all your cameras to Stream and Record as they've lifted the five device limit. This alone is great for me as we had to have two accounts to take care of the 10 cameras across various properties (oh my!)

The one thing to watch out for is that you can "lose" all your AirTags. Actually, they aren't lost, you just need to turn off Settings > User > Find My > {iPhone or iPad} and they automatically reappear.

I also had a similar problem with the keychain. The keyboard would hang if I tried to get the Apple Keychain and this required a reboot to get rid of it.

If you've updated to iOS 15, make sure your AirTag is still in Find My
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