Living for a year with the BlueAir Pure 211+

Well because of COVID we ended up getting four home filters for various folks and we even got an air quality monitor from kaiterra to monitor it.

Net, net these things seem to work. When we didn’t have one on, our internal air quality rose to 84 on US AQI but putting one in dropped it tremendously.

Looking at a bunch of efficiency reviews, we discovered that BlueAir Pure 211+ was very efficient. There are a few tips:

  1. There is a pair of socks that go around the bottom of it. These are the pre filters that look nice and cozy.
  2. These are not HomeKit aware but if you plug them into smart sockets then you can turn them on and off automatically. They remember their last setting when they lose power which is handy.
  3. When the light in the front turns yellow it’s time to change the filter. These are $60 from Amazon.

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