The 6 Best Cholesterol Test Kits of 2021

Maybe you are wondering why is Tong posting so Much well it’s simple. In the switch to iOS 15 suddenly I have a count of open tabs. I keep a tab when I want to note it for later. Let’s just saying that seeing that I have 286 open tabs (and factoids) is pretty daunting. So it’s time to drive that number out of tabs and one night and I’m down to 188 so here we go!

During the pandemic one of the things to do is to catch up on things. And I wanted to measure cholesterol. Turns out the only way to do that is with a blood draw.

It’s hard to find a good one, but I actually bought a kit that randomly turns out to be top rated. You stab yourself with basically a nail. Take some blood drops and get your readings.

Sad to say, when it came time to do it I couldn’t bear to stab my self like that. I’m such a wimp. In any case you can look them up yourself. And I still have the kit stuffed somewhere in a cabinet so maybe I’m get the courage.

The best cholesterol test kits are easy to use and give you results you can trust. We researched the top-rated kits to help you choose.
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