Sealing Cameras, Tool Belts, Kit and Ethernet Cable


Well, again about a year ago and fixing the house was a good chance to learn a few things about making things work:

  1. Silicone vs Acrylic Sealants. The long and short of it is that in damp climate and where there is rain, silicone forms a water impermeable rubber seal. You can’t paint it but if you need a real water seal it does work. Just one warning is applying it isn’t easy. You get a grease gun and squirt it but it is super thick and sticky. After applying you can peal off the excess though.
  2. Tool Bags. (And check EDC Magazine). Well I’ve always wants a professional tool bag and putting up all those security cameras is a good excuse. I ended up with the LeatherCraft 1539 which despite its name is actual à cordera. It has a zillion pockets and a huge center area. And yes it’s been awesome for carrying all my new found tools.
  3. Tool Belts. Well I’ve always wanted of these and it definitely came in handy helping do an antenna installation.
  4. Ethernet T568A vs 568B. The really confusing thing is that there are two different standards for Ethernet cable wiring. They are the same but have pairs 2 and 3 swapped. You have to look at your cables and see which you have. The main reason for the difference is that the A version is compatible with the old analog phone 4 pin connectors. So you can use them with analog phones. If you can even find them anymore. So when you are repairing a cable make sure to look at the no broken end and see if is an A or a B wired one.

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