Tailwind HomeKit Garage Door Opener

Tailwind HomeKit Garage Door Opener

Well in the continuing quest to make this a HomeKit house, we spent some time looking for reliable garage openers that can be used with the Apple home application.

There are quite a few smart garage door openers (and Wirecutter) but the best choice is not obvious. The Tailwind system is the most reliable because it has a wired sensor. It’s more trouble but it works.

It also turns out this Canadian company has a tailwind iOS application in beta and it works great.

Also you can buy a puck that goes into your car if you are iPhone only and it will be like having a system that opens when you get close to the door. Pretty handy.

And you can even say, “Hey, Siri, open the garage door” and it works. It also will close the door late at night. Pretty neat.

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