Here are the latest feeds and tips from @rich on working better:
  1. YOu can now activate for your vanity domain and have it go to your iCloud account and up to three other vanity domains see Apple  or just go to iCloud Custom Domain and this is really handy for my and other single use.
  2. Twitter feeds and email news letters for anyone engaged in AI, Well, since the world seems to be moving away from Medium to Substack newsletters and twitter, I’ve reconfigured my feeds. Here are some tips. First there are now dedicated newsletter reading apps so it doesn’t clog your inbox like Newsletterss, really useful, but I can’t find a way to share these. Also there is a list of good twitter accounts (you might want to delete your Lindsey lohan feed or create a dedicated twitter account but a quick list is here. Springboard include @kaifulee, @googleai, @andrewng, @openai, @jhamrick, @teachthemachine, @lishai88, @amuellerml, @rasbt,…
  3. You can extract your email information from gmail by using, you can extract everything out of google although contacts are useless, you have to use and go to export for that. I had 160K emails in! 19GB!

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