When you get a new iPhone 13 things that won’t work

When you get a new iPhone and then jump on a plane here are the crazy things (that people done tell you) you need to remember to do:

  1. Data roaming for whatever reason is not coming through. This setting is actually really buried in the interface. Settings > Cellular > Data Roaming needs to be set to on.
  2. Face ID Will be disabled for all your applications. This is a security thing. The Secure Enclave on your old phone knows you are but the new phone doesn’t. So you have to reenable it all.
  3. The same thing is true for your mail accounts. Although you have keychain enabled for security reasons again since these are app level things so they need to re-enabled individually.

The main reason for the last two is security. And the former is probably the same. But confusing

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