Ugh. Dealing with washington state digital vaccine records and using QR codes


Man, life is complicated. I have no less than five different Métis’s of getting COVID codes. It is literally raining incompatible codes. But the goal is to get it all working where you can just flash a code on your phone and it works everywhere.

So here’s a rundown at least for me of the many apps and codes you need:

  • In France, if you are from the US you submitted (and are a student) if your CDC card to a website. Then hope and pray they approve you. They just changed it so that you can now go to a pharmacy with your cdc card and get authenticated. They have their own dedicated app called ToutLesAntiCovid that gives you a QR code snd and Apple Watch QR but it’s not part of Apple a health. The restaurants have readers.
  • In NYC, you scan your government id and CDC card into their app. It’s not much better then taking Photos but easy to search for. it’s a manual look. You can also you use Clear or if ur a New York resident the Excelsior app
  • American Airlines uses VeriFLY. On every flight overseas you need to trip load this SHD a COVID test. Do it early because it requires a manual review. Then you get a QR code in that app. It supports records for exit SBS then r entry. Note each border crossing needs its own trip record so you have two trips for out and back. Confusing!!
  • Canada. They have their own ArriveCAN app. It also needs a manual upload of you stuff. Then I. The country you can use a photo of your cDc card or you try the Apple Health scan or Washington state code as it’s supposed to be Smartcard compliant.
  • Hawaii. It needs a manual upload of your cdc card on their website or you can link to Clear or Commonpass if you to avoid yet another upload. There is no iPhone app.
  • Clear. They have their verification system so you upload your CDC card and you get verified. You can use this at a bunch of stadiums and it uses Face ID to get a QR code.
  • Washington State. The most confusing of all you go to the doh waverify site. You authenticate then create a pin. You get a link to click on and you need to make sure to click on the puzzle piece and request mobile site. Then, It has a QR code there and if you hit the Apple Health button it will auto launch apple health and ask you to add if. And if waverify is not already a data source it will show you and add to Apple Health. Note that if you done this once and get a booster it does not work. You need to go to apple health and delete the source. Wait a bit and then it appears. It generates a Smart card. It supposed to be compatible with California, Canadian, Japanese readers. Will be fun to try. It works for Canada. Just tried it! The is based on the state records. So if your vaccine isn’t there then call the Provider and they will type it in hopefully 🙂
  • Safeway. They have their own vaccination scheme and you get a QR code and something you add to Apple Wallet. Only works for vaccines taken there so if you were I mix and match they won’t have the full record.

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