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Linux USB WiFi Adapters are hard to find


Well, we started with a general list of USB adapters from PC Magazine. These are actually really hard to find because most desktops today have a WiFi adapter. So I start with a list of good USB Adapters and settled on the TP-Link T9UH is the most common for $50 at Amazon.

But it turns out that Alex says there are driver issues, it should work but does not on Ubuntu. so back to the drawing board and in looking for Linux-specific drivers, it looks like none of the “big” suppliers are supporting it, so we are left with smaller brands that have done the driver work.

Turns out the top-rated mode, the BrosTrend 1200Mbps is dual band and has big antennas, and costs $40, so worth a try on Amazon. Compared to the Windows-focused WiFi USB Adapters it has worse performance and is not made that well, but the drivers appear to work.

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