What the heck is an Uno Lamp?

Ok, I have a great we have an Ikea light that is a little strange. The shade disintegrated. It is ten years old and had a plastic shade that literally got so brittle it just broke apart. The system is really different, rather than having a harp, the shade actually mounts below the lightbulb. I had no idea how to even figure out what this is.

Turns out after some googling that this is what is called an Uno Lamp Shade. Turns out there are three different kinds of shades. Clip-on that fit on the bulb itself. Then there are Spider fitters, there is a harp that fits below the socket and then arches over the bulb and then you hang the bulb from the top of the lamp. Of course, this means that you have to make sure the harp.

Now it turns out that you can also get adapters. This makes some sense because the spider fitters lamps are much cheaper so you can also get an Uno adapter. This fits at the bottom and then it has a harp around it which is a nice tradeoff.

The main reason that the Uno got invented was for something called a bridge lamp. This is a light that points downwards, so you can see your cards.

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