Nedrelow Wool Expensive but fantastic MacBook and iPad Sleeves

Well we got a bunch of nedrelow accessories for Christmas and I have to say that while expensive, they are just awesome;

  1. Magic Sleeve Duo. This basically is very simple, it’s felt with magnets sewn around the side, so you can stick your ipad in it and then it folds open as a really nice deskpad as well. This works really well with an iPad and the Magic Keyboard because if you need to do drawing, then you lay it flat and it won’t scratch. The main drawback is that there is no easy way to carry the power cord, the Apple Pencil and so forth. They do make a Sleeve + Pencil but it is too small if you want to use a Keyboard.
  2. Sleeve system for Macbook. This is a sleeve with a magnet closure on the top. It also comes with a magnetically held set of zipper pockets to store the extra stuff. This is a good idea, but I find that the size of the power adapter and so forth make it cumbersome to have it all together.
  3. Magic Pad. This is basically way nicer than the typical mouse and keyboard pad and is a simple piece of elts. If can come with magnets so you can fold it up, but it’s at $55 pretty expensive but nice looking
  4. Wool Zipper pouches. I didn’t get these, but in the end, there doesn’t seem like there is a good way to integrate it all together, so I might try the matching pouches and just dump the accessories into the bag.

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