Best Flip Flops

Best Flip Flops

OK, hold the comment that the best flip flops are the Dollar store kind, if you really want a comfortable set then I’ve tried lots of different styles and I think Outdoor Gear Labs has it right.

Olukai really does have an amazing collection of nice flip-flops. I tried the Olukai Hokua and they are really comfortable. As they say, there are a bit heavy, but the molded components are really nice. Just be aware that the straps are so long-lasting that you will want to break them in a bit (says the guy who went on a 2-mile walk with brand new ones in Hawaii, that was painful 🙂 They were $75 on Amazon but I needed to use some Zappos credits, so that’s a great place to get them.

As an aside, OluKai is a private company based in Irvine so you are not buying from some massive conglomerate 🙂

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