Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide and Freezing

Well, six years ago we got our Anova Sous Vide and it worked pretty well, but with the pandemic, we got it out again and one thing we didn’t do well got a vacuum sealer, so the bags would just leak. Turns out there are a huge number of these sealers around now, but ironically the Anova Precision Vacuum Sealer came up on top and its just $65 at Amazon with a good selection of bags costing $35 at Amazon.

This handy gizmo comes with a few trial bags and is pretty easy to use, you stick the bag in and press the button, the air is pumped out and then there is a heating element that seals the bag. To get a really good seal you do this twice. The main trick here is that if you are sealing something with say marinating juice in it, make sure the juice doesn’t get sucked into the air vent, that is really messy. And make sure to get enough bags as well.

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