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Cool French Food Calissons and making Old Fashions and Manhattens


We were introduced to these amazing morsels called Calissons while in Provence. It's from Aix en Provence and doesn't take too long to make the main ingredients are very simple. The nice thing is that you can make them dairy-free as well.

Old Fashioned and Manhattens

Ok, I was suddenly in charge of making drinks and thanks to Joe who got me a Old Fashioned kit I wasn't scared. Basically, an Old Fashioned was invented in Louisville Kentucky and is bourbon and then magical ingredient is simple syrup and bitters. Give it a try. The ingredients are

2 tb simple syrup, 1 ts water, 2 dash of bitters, 1 jigger of bourbon.

A very similar cocktail is a Manhatten which is bourbon and vermouth along with a nice cherry.

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