Where did all my shared tabs go the new place for iCloud Tabs

I can’t believe how dependent I’ve gotten on two features. The first is iCloud Share Tab Groups, this gives you a single view of all your tab groups across all your devices. This is super convenient for those of us with multiple chores. Like taking care of Mom, the home, and having a non-profit and […]

Dockerfile reproducibility when an image will not build

Docker has become the default for lots of reproducible build system, but the sad thing is that although you get a defined image, the specification, the Dockerfile itself, is not reproducible. That’s because most Dockerfile do not have pinned dependencies: This is a simple example that starts ubuntu, installs some python junk, and then you […]

WordPress (yes I’m still on it) and Markdown Blocks are cool

This is one of the more confusing aspects of WordPress. Yes, I know, I’ve transitioned all the sites that I own to Hugo (except for tongfamily.com and calvintong.com), but I’ve been stuck on WordPress for a simple reason. Editing a Hugo site is a big pain. There is supposed to be a Netlify CMS but […]

Obins AnnePro keyboard annoyances battery level reporting in MacOS

Well, the new MacOS Monterey adds third-party device support for battery life. This is great, but unfortunately, the Anne Pro keyboards that I have don’t honor it. They always report 100% battery even when dead, the only reliable way to tell battery life is to start the Obinskit utility and see what it says. As […]

Synology USB Copy crashes, getting a new NAS

OK, two quick random things that have made my life much better just from discovery USB Copy Crashes. I’ve had full crashes on my Synology DS1812+ box which I’ve never seen before. The entire UI locks up, the machine is on, but doesn’t respond to ssh and doesn’t do anything. Finally tracked this down to […]

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Extension Recommendations 2022

OK, my Chrome extensions have been a complete mess. (As have my Safari and Firefox ones but that’s another story). The main issue is that with Safari, there is no central repository of extensions, so you have to configure them on each device. And, with Chrome I have lots of user identities because Google Workspace […]

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