Reassembling BBQ Guru and Kamado Joe with BBQ Ribs

Reassembling BBQ Guru and Kamado Joe with BBQ Ribs

Ok it’s been incredibly rainy here in Seattle and I’ve forgotten how complicated it is to get to this stuff running again here’s a guide from last time

  1. The BBQ Guru UltraQ is expensive but excellent and the BBQ Ring Is really useful.
  2. Make sure to clean your Kamado grill throughly and the bbq probes before putting it away. And make sure it is dry. I didn’t and the mold that grows is pretty impressive. So don’t be me!
  3. When you ressemble the thing for a slow cook the chimney fire starter is great and fast. When used with these Weber Lighter Cubes, or Kamado Joe KJFS Fire Starters, You just need one or two.
  4. After it gets white hot, pour the coals in and fill the thing to top as you don’t want to run out and the system shuts off the air so you can keep reusing the coals.
  5. I like the Fogo charcoal Chunks. Feels more authentic and comes in 35 pound bags.
  6. Getting the BBQ Guru to work is not as simple. First you have to download the mobile application and then connect with Bluetooth
  7. Once that’s done you login to for some reason.
  8. The strange thing is then you go to the menu again and connect the wifi.
  9. You should then on see the temperature monitor and then hit start cook and you can monitor it from anywhere in the world.
  10. Now for the BBQ ribs recipe. The main thing is that you should have a bbq circular thingy so you can load the tray up with ribs fat side up.
  11. When you take the ribs, remove the tough ligament side as this is very chewy
  12. For bbq Asian ribs you want to add a mix of soy sauce or use Asian BBQ ribs and slather it on. It needs to be nice and thick.
  13. Then put the probes into the fat ends. And cover the tops with foil.
  14. Set the thing to a bbq temperature of 190F and you want the rib probe to read 180F when. So these are really low temperatures. If you are doing this in an convection oven and not a bbq then you want it even lower. Convection makes the heat more uniform.
  15. Note that you can lose wifi connection so try have it on a 2.4GHz memo and if the website loses the connection you have to hit connect to wifi again.
  16. It will take quite a few hours to get the ribs done. At about 170F it takes a long time to get to 180F. I think it was about 10 hours to get to really tender. 175 is the have a nice bite.

Also quick and easy tip. If you don’t have time to start the BBQ then put it into an oven at 190F and then let it go for 10 hours or so. You can also check temps to get to 180F

You can tell if done when you take a bite there’s a definite impression there.

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