Quick tips: Chase Freedom Quarterly Bonus for Amazon does not work for the Canadian site and the Lyft bonus

OK, some quick notes, if you are way too focused like me on credit card savings, then the Chase Freedom quarterly bonus is pretty impressive, basically, every quarter they give you 5x points up to $1,500 in spend in a set of categories. You can find all of this at https://chasebonus.com and yes Chase has an incredible array of confusing websites.

Sometimes the categories are hard to figure out like grocery stores, but if you go to https://ultimaterewardpoints.chase.com and make sure to turn off Ghostery block annoyances for this site as it seems to block it then you can check to see that you are getting the right bonuses.

Sometimes like this quarter, it is for Amazon which is great. Just be aware that this applies to Amazon purchases directly or through the marketplace, but not for non-US store transactions. I tried for Canada and it doesn’t work.

Also, Lyft has a 10x bonus right now on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card through March 2025 which is pretty hefty, and 5x basically every other Chase card from Freedom to Sapphire to Business Ink. So that is pretty incredible.

If you have a Chase Sapphire card, you can transfer these points to that card, and then it is worth more than 2.2 cents per point so a good 10-20% off! But you have to remember to do this manually every so often. YOu do this at https://ultimaterewardspoints.chase.com/combine-points

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