net: UniFi firewall cannot add when honeypot broken

OK here is a strange error. I hope you do not get this. Occasionally, our Unifi Dream Machine flags a push to GitHub as an information leak. This manifests itself as hang when trying to do a git push or git pull. The fix is pretty simple (although the Unifi Console UI keeps changing), but go to Unifi Console > System Log > Threats and look for the information leak, and choose to Allow This Threat Signature.

But then it would fail with cannot change the Firewall settings. And there is nothing about what is wrong on the Internet.

It turns out that on one of our networks, we changed the base IP address structure, but there is a feature called Honeypot which puts a fake address in for finding IP scanning, but when you change the IP subnet from and you have to delete the Honeypot and add it.

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