buy: Drool, drool great monitors, cool books

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buy: Drool, drool great monitors, cool books

OK, you can great a very good monitor for $500, but if you want something that is great at HDR, then it is more like $1K for an LG C2 monitor, but what if you want a professional really accurate system. Well, then the monitors increase dramatically in cost. For instance, the Apple Pro display is a whopping $5K and competes with color grading monitors that cost as much as $20K.

The ordinary mortal doesn't need anything like this, but if you are grading HDR video or something like that, then you can drool on these. The ASUS PA32UCX for instance is a whopping $4K. The best for a Mac user is the professional Apple Pro XDR Display for a whopping $5.5K, but it is super bright at 1600 nits and 576 dimming zones and it is 99% of the HDR DCI-P3 which is pretty incredible and without calibration is incredibly accurate. So weep and wish that you could afford one 🙂

Vintage reproductions of famous books

OK, similar to the "useless objects that are so cooled", a promoted thingy on Twitter I think caught my eye. There is a group called Kronecker Wallis that is reproducing all kinds of amazing things like the original notes from the Apollo3 Lunar Module. It's not super expensive at 40 Euros, but like a studio grade monitor, does any mortal really need it? 🙂

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