web: the confusion that is multiple instances and WordPress verification

Wow now getting deeper into it. There are so many difference instances and they matter because it sets your local timeline. So if you have a specific group you want that’s great but unfortunately it’s complicated to shop for them. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Use Fedifinder to see where your existing Twitter friends are. I discovered I follow lots of science folks so sigmoid.social made sense. They also show how many users there and if registrations are open. Or if you want to start again, Browse mastodon server which is. Voluntary repo of instances. Then to see the feed you have to join it. Lurk around.
  2. Go to that URL for instance https://mstdn.social and browse around to see if you like it.
  3. Then signup. Now you want to be verified so go to your profile and add your home URL. If you are on WordPress add the automatic post and also the WordPress verification plug-ins. This will let your profile verify and also when you add that server to the profile block you will get a green check
  4. You can also verify yourself from GitHub apparently by adding it your mastodon as a link. But it’s easiest to create a GitHub page to do this.
  5. Use Twitter don to cross verify your Twitter and your mastodon name
  6. Now goto movetodon.com and find which followers are also in mastodon and choose follow all
  7. Post on Twitter your mastodon url so other bots can find it and you.
  8. If you make a mistake feel free to just create another account. I’ve got six or so. And maybe someday I’ll merge them
  9. I don’t do this but if you want a mastodon share it on your posts with the add to any plugin
  10. While you are at it, add a pixelfed.social account and start your journey now

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