pc: High-end 32″ 4K monitor desire

Argh, I can’t take it, now that we have a house full of terrific OLED displays (thank you LG for the B9, CX and C2!) as well as amazing displays on the road (thank you Apple for the MacBook Pro and iPhone 14 HDR screens), I really wish our smaller monitors were of the same quality.

The sad thing is that while there are decent 32″ monitors, there are no OLED 4K monitors that really fit the bill. OK, the Samsung G7 Neo Odyssey would be perfect, but it is plagued by all kinds of quality control defects. Maybe that’s why the price has fallen from $1,200 to $800 during Black Friday in the last month but is back at about $1K at Amazon.

But, I’ve really been drooling for the high color accuracy of the unaffordable Apple Pro Display XDR display, but I can’t justify the $4.6K Amazon cost in any reality that I can possibly get to from here. So I’ve been lurking at near HDR displays and wouldn’t you know it the ASUS ProArt PA32UCX-PK just went from $3.5K to $2.5K on Amazon.

It has great reviews. It is definitely no gaming machine (the Samsung is 165Hz, so buttery smooth for the occasional gaming that I do), but it is sure tempting. There is a rumor that the recession is having an impact on high-end pricing, so I’ll keep looking

I’ll guess I’ll keep following Rtings.com and see when a great high accuracy 4K display arrives. As an aside the Alienware AW3423DW sounds great, but is not true 4K ;-( And besides, the ultra-wide won’t really fit into our office space.

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