sw: Final Cut Pro Titles and Object Tracking

There are not that many titles available in the base Final Cut Pro. Fortunately, you can get a selection of free titles from different sources.

Object Tracking

The new object tracker is pretty cool in Final Cut Pro 10.6, but pretty hard to figure out how to use it.

The main trick here is that you drag a Shape from the Title and Generators and go to the Elements section and add it. If you drag this onto the timeline, it adds it to the video, but if you drag it onto the preview window, something very different happens. Then you will get a grid that shows what object is being tracked. You can change the size by dragging the handles and the shape by dragging the little white thing at the top.

If you look carefully at the top when this is selected, you see at the top, there is a box that says transform and tracker. What happens is that if you drag it on top, it creates a new tracker, but you can click on the down arrow and you can select any of the many trackers in the scene. This isn’t super documented.

Fixing the Tracking by hitting stop

When you have the object, you can click on the upper left on Analyze and it will go forward and then back in the clip looking for the object. What happens though is that if it loses track, you need to quickly hit the STOP that sits on the timeline. And then adjust the settings. This is actually pretty hard to do.

Adjusting the Title by going to Transform

It is hard to make this work correctly, but once you get this right, you click on the title, you do not right-click, instead, you will see large handles on the outside and that is what you use to size. When you change the titles, you go to the right side and that lets you set attributes.

Multiple object tracking

They do not cover how to have multiple trackers, but the basic thing you need to do is to hit the I icon on the upper left and if you scroll down, you will see a section called trackers and there is a button on the right which shows you the trackers. Then you tie different objects with different trackers. Or if you are lucky, you just track the title or shape to different objects and this all happens automatically.

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