Cad: Delete Bluetooth Pairing from 2016 Honda Fit

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Cad: Delete Bluetooth Pairing from 2016 Honda Fit

Ok, this is why. At companies should not make software. On this car there is a basic head unit. And if you want to pair it, you click the Menu button and then scroll down to Settings, Bluetooth and you can see Add New Device and Connect an Audio Device.

The problem is that it has only six slots so if you have more than six phones. Then Connect new is greyed out.

So how do you delete a device? Well it’s not in the manual but looking at YouTube, the answer is a little crazy.

You click on the Phone Button not the menu button and then choose No when it says do you want to connect a new phone. Then it’s Phone Setup and then Bluetooth Setup then you can see Delete Device!

It’s like the phone people and general settings people had a war and some product manager decided most people won’t have more than six devices (that is they didn’t contemplate the upgrade cycle of phones over 10 years with multiple people in the car), so they cut delete device from the Settings menu. Argh!

Or like me if you rebuild your phone and the connections get lost. Anyway it does seem like the Phone button is the way to get the complete Bluetooth control. Even though Bluetooth devices aren’t always phones 🙂

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