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OK, what is going on with the watch bands I haven’t gotten yet, so a companion to the last post about bands I’ve gotten, I would say I haven’t found the perfect set by any means, but Tech Radar has a bunch that I should try (these are mainly the name brands I’ve been thinking about in order:

  1. Apple Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop. This requires an exact fit and I actually want to try it because it seems like it is going to be super comfortable. The main thing is fit, I’ve tried size 7 then size 6 and finally, I’m thinking size 5 is good. I’ll probably just get a size 5 and then go to the store to fix the size. It’s fantastically expensive at $49, but wow if it works, it is so comfortable. The braided definitely seems cooler looking vs the pure plastic solo loop and is $99 so way more than
  2. Apple Leather Link. This is the original handcrafted Apple Leather Link with a magnetic closure for $99. Strange that a leather thing with magnets is the same price as a Braided Solo Loop.

Some of the bands I should try at the Apple store before buying them:

  1. Apple Gold Milanese Loop This one looks way better on the screen than on my hand, but it looks just so good. And these are just $99 so in some ways a great value compared with the Braided Solo Loop.
  2. Apple Silver Link Bracelet. These are fantastic expensive bands at $349, so you really have to want them, it is Silver Link and so you have to have them fitted. The thing is steel and in the usual Apple quality, it is 316L stainless steel, and apparently, you can have several links just detach without a tool. I’ve had a Titanium link
  3. Apple Sport Loop. This is not the solo loop. It has a hook and loop (aka Velcro fastener). I’ve tried a bunch of off-brands that try this and am interested to see how this is going to be with a genuine Apple project.

I had forgotten about the Modern Buckle which we actually have and which looks very good:

  1. Apple Modern Buckle. This is a more modern look. I kind of love this one because of the magnetic buckle.

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