gt: Wow Grace’s Dance was great!

Well Grace Tong continues to rock it. Back on March 30, 2024, Zoo! by Grace Yi-Li Tong happened at the Flushing City Hall to a really nice review. I’m biased of course and loved it too!

Zoo!, which was immediately, as it’s description reads, a “fun and feral illumination of memory, charade and the unsaid.” Please read an emphasis on illumination, because harkening back to the fin de siècle (and continuing) practices of puppet theater and cinematic magic lantern, the piece begins with hand-held torch lights which, in the skillful hands of the performers, imbue the stage with flickering halos. Into this surreal affect of playful light steps Grace Yi-Li Tong’s to perform, for lack of any other justifiable adjective, a simply breathtaking solo. 

Revantika Gupta, Dance Enthusiast, March 30, 2024

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