iPad (2022) vs. iPad Air (2022): not many reasons to get an iPad Air

I had not realized how little the extra $100 or 20% more gets with the iPad Air. They both have touched, the same screen and cameras.

The main difference is the M1 vs A15 processor but as most of us know there is very little difference in practice between the two. I’m going to try some photo editing but hard to expect much there. And with only 256GB it’s hard to imagine it’s big enough for that.

The other minor differences are that the iPad doesn’t support the Apple Pencil but I barely use mine on my iPad Pro. Finally you can use the Magic Keyboard in the iPad Air but TA thing is really expensive at $300 compared to the iPad air price. Also the Magic Keyboard really doesn’t help that much because the apps well the apps are frustrating. For instance the google docs don’t support all the layout tools of the ,AC versions so really not useful.

Overall the biggest reason to buck up to the iPad Pro 12 is the incredible display neut that makes the thing cost more than an MacBook Air. For most people I would say an iPhone 14 Pro is worth it for the camera, the M2 MacBook Air is great and if you want a small reading device then the iPad 2022 is about perfect

— Read on www.zdnet.com/article/ipad-2022-vs-ipad-air-2022/

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